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The blog of Robert Aston Jones, retired biologist and writer, can be found on his website, ROBERTASTONJONES.SQUARESPACE.COM


Robert Aston Jones

Writing is hard. So VERY hard. Case in point: Below you will read what (I hope) is the final version of the “blurb” I will have printed on the back cover of my book…which, by the way, will be titled “Anchor.” I have written, read, rewritten, modified, started over, rethunk, decided it stunk, etc, etc, etc, a hundred times…and probably more.

If you read this blog entry in the next few days, you will be one of the first to get a glimpse of my book.

Blake Turner and Ava Bechtel are opposites in every way.

Blake is American. Ava is German.

They come from different continents, and live in different worlds.

Blake, a reclusive Wall Street accountant, lives a private life, his face hidden in the shadows. Ava, the most popular actress on Broadway, lives a public life. Her face graces the cover of every tabloid; her reviews fill the pages of every newspaper.

Circumstances keep them apart. Fate brings them together. And Love keeps them together.

Until two deadly storms—one man-made, and one nature-made—tear them apart.

Will their love survive? Or will the storms destroy them both?